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With this rubber band to iron the shirt is no longer pulled out of the pants so easily. The price refers to 100cm rubber band and can also be used for several trousers if required. The shipping takes place in 2 x 50 cm. You will get the rubber band ready to iron. You just have to pull off the paper tape and place the non-nubbed side on the desired location. Now the iron is used. It's best to set it to level 3 and maximum steam power. You put a slightly damp cloth on the knobs and iron it step by step (10 seconds). I recommend trying it out with a 2 cm strip. There is also a YouTube video attached. If you have any questions, I am of course at your disposal. Application description: Place the insert with the coated side on the left side of the outer fabric. Cover with a damp cloth and press on the iron step by step for approx. 15 seconds, do not push. After fixing, let the parts cool flat for about 30 minutes so that the adhesion can stabilize.

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